Rivertop Opera

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Chicago is the birthplace of modern architecture and the origins of the cosmopolitan lifestyle. The Rivertop Opera site makes use of the space behind the Civic Opera Building, an architectural landmark well renowned for performative arts. Along the open stage over the river, seating and circulation extend out over the water. The stone facade of the historic structure is given a new life as a backdrop for a new kind of performance art. The multi-use stage transforms to re ect the season, hosting ice skating, pop-up food fairs and perhaps a political gathering.

Rivertop Opera gives people the extraordinary experience of being on a stage for the city. The dynamic scene plays out directly across from Riverside Plaza and Ogilvie Transport Center.

Before & after

Drag the slider left and right to see how this site looks now compared to if this idea were built.

The former ‘back of house’ of the Civic Opera transforms into a movie screen or a performance stage. Platforms for daily performances are movable and  exible towards diverse programming needs.
‍Platforms and walkways transform for each use.
‍As the water quality of Chicago River improves, the stage and walkways will become more animated.

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