Public Feedback

Thank you for making the River Edge Ideas Lab a success!

More than 11,500 people visited the main River Lab exhibit in Expo 72. Nearly 300 attendees came to the Gallery Talks and panel. 500+ people gave feedback via the online survey and vision cards with their ideas for the river and over 6,700 people visited the website. We estimate that 24,000 people have passed by the traveling exhibit’s 8 locations.

The exhibit received positive press, even being named one of the Top 10 things to see at the Biennial!

MPC and DPD have analyzed the public feedback, and are happy to share our summary video, which shows the major themes from the surveys and vision cards. The Department of Planning and Development will be using the public feedback—your input—to influence the City’s new riverfront development guidelines, which will be updated this year.


Thank you for visiting the River Lab and telling us what you want to see. We hope that the exhibit inspired you to dream big about our city’s riverfront!