Max F.A.R.! The Forest Area Ratio

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Modern life in the city lacks a connection to nature that enchants and engages city dwellers. MAX F.A.R. introduces a sensational natural environment in the middle of the city. This is a peaceful and natural setting, set within a heavy tree canopy, allowing people to enjoy a serene forest within Chicago’s concrete jungle.

Folleys, pavilions and look-out towers give perspective for users with spaces for contemplation and meditation. Passive Eco-tech systems are in place to harbor flora and fauna, pursuing a time based remediation life at this post-industrial site. These technologies are meant to be viewed and appreciated, to educate people about their local eco-systems. The site will be further activated with bike stations, kayak launches,  shing, rock climbing, yoga and games.

Before & after

Drag the slider left and right to see how this site looks now compared to if this idea were built.

‍The dense forest is a playground, a sanctuary, and full of life.
‍Dense forest contrast against the urban fabric.
‍The Chicago River is the backbone of a vibrant ecological network supporting natural systems and urban life.

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