Adjaye Associates

Living in the Water

A flexible system weaves urban life into the river.

Adjaye Associate’s approach to the River Edge has been to celebrate the unique qualities of each of the three sites—from the dense urban context of the Civic Opera House edge, to the distinctive infrastructural frame of Interchange Park edge, to the bucolic, undeveloped atmosphere of Ping Tom Park. Our goal has been to respond to these characteristics not in a dogmatic way, but rather embracing the poetics of form in a way that captures the joys of Chicago’s distinctive urban landscape and the serendipity of the city. 


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The ideas

Adjaye Associates

Adjaye Associates believes that architecture presents opportunities for transformation–materially, conceptually and sociologically. Driven by the desire to enrich and improve daily life, the practice’s buildings are designed to meet the diverse needs of the communities they serve. Inspiration is drawn from many influences around the world and the work clearly articulates this enthusiasm for issues of place and identity.

Recent projects:

The regenerative Morning Lane Arches retail corridor in Hackney, London (2016); Sugar Hill museum and housing development in Harlem, New York (2015); the Aishti Foundation arts and shopping complex in Beirut, Lebanon (2015).